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The Constitution Condones Slavery?

On July 24 2011 the American Thinker published this article: In a recent series called “The State Against Blacks” John Stossel interviewed Rep. Charles Rangel and made the case that big government had failed the black American family. Congressman Rangel, … Continue reading

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Abortion: America’s Greatest Sin

A long time ago I was the editor of the Nutmeg Political Report (affectionately known as NPR). We wrote opinion pieces which we published via e-mail before anyone had ever heard the term “blog.” Then we would send our publication … Continue reading

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Unalienable Rights, Unalienable Duties

Given the scriptures we have, the question of the proper use of force, including war, should be of critical importance to the Latter-day Saints. There is debate among the Saints as to whether we are a warlike people, or a … Continue reading

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The Godless Constitution – A Review

In Walking in Darkness at Noonday I have quoted extensively from two books which I think of as the “Twin Tomes of Taint and Twaddle”:  The Godless Constitution (Kramnick and Moore) and America Declares Independence (Dershowitz). I have offered a … Continue reading

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