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The Second Amendment

A friend of mine, replying to a Facebook post which argued that the “Second Amendment was added to the Constitution as an assurance that Americans will never lack the weaponry to fight against their own government, if that government becomes … Continue reading

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Semi-automatics and Fire Extinguishers

My sister – bless her heart, she sees things quite differently than do I, but she is always respectful in her dissent – sent this message: “I’m curious. Why does anyone need a semi-automatic?” I answered, “Hopefully, one doesn’t need … Continue reading

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Friendly Words, Meant to Deceive

Three very friendly-sounding words: affordable, fairness, and neutrality. To me these words convey a kind of soothing mildness of circumstance or of intent. Affordable is good. It’s certainly preferable to unaffordable. Fairness is good. Who could be opposed to fairness? … Continue reading

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With a Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence

There is no question in my mind that this nation was established under the guiding hand of the Lord. He makes that clear with these words:  “And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson and Public Education

In Walking in Darkness at Noonday I stated: If Jesus Christ is the Author of the agency of man in the heavens, then His John the Baptist for the introduction and establishment of that doctrine in government on the earth … Continue reading

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Zoramites for Ron Paul

Ron Paul supporters are different. Many of them seem to take the view that you are either for Ron Paul or you’re going to hell with the rest of the traitors. I received an email today which was a response … Continue reading

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