Who is this guy?

I am a rapidly aging businessman in Connecticut and author of Walking in Darkness at Noonday; married since 1975 to Kyong Sook; three children, long time empty-nester. I have been a convert member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over half my life. While a member of a rock band in LA in the mid-1970s I became fascinated with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s story of solitary bravery in the face of political imprisonment, his exile from his homeland, and his book “Gulag Archipelago.” The book had a profound impact on me as it made me realize that there is a vast difference between the land Solzhenitsyn was born to and the land where I was so fortunate to have been born. That was the beginning of my interest in liberty, correct principles of government, and the peculiarly LDS doctrine we call the agency of man.


5 Responses to Who is this guy?

  1. Jon Sedgwick says:

    John. I read with great interest your 2-15-11 posting. After doing so, I would like to read your book and send a copy to several people for their consideration.

    It seems I do not have your number on my new cell phone. Why don’t you call me when you get a minute to catch up. (203.380.0316)

    Thank you!

  2. Ben says:

    Hi, I’m the one who posted the Ben Franklin quote on the spiritofthelaw.blogspot.com that you commented to. I would be interested in reading your book. -Ben-

  3. Rachael Gunnell says:

    I bought the book yesterday at Deseret Book and am on chapter 3. I LOVE it! Thank you for expressing in crystal clear language the doctrines of Christ with regard to government and politics. I am making a list of friends to whom I want to gift this book.

    I hope MANY people read this book. It is greatly needed today. THANK YOU. Rachael Gunnell, Mesa, AZ

    • Rachael:

      I am gratified to hear from you and that you have found the book worthwhile. For some reason, most of the enthusiasm for the book seems to be coming from women. Which makes me wonder what’s going on with LDS men? I thought it was the elders of the Church that are supposed to step forward and rescue the Constitution. Please let me know if you have any questions about what I have written. How did you find the book? Was it out on display? What interested you about it?

      Best regards,

      Brother Greene

  4. clarkkent93 says:

    My 41st birthday is coming up this month. Looks like this make a great present! I’ll have to pass it to my wife! I look forward to reading it!!!

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